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  • Banner Stand Buying Guide

    March 19, 2019

    Factors to consider…

    Portability and ease of setup are a primary design benefit of banner stands.  Some may ‘technically’ be banner stands, but once their weight and size start to become a limiting factor, you may want to consider a different type of display.  Banner stands are best for quick setup and super-light transport, so keeping them to less than 20lbs and 48” wide or less means you’ll get the most of of their compact nature!
    You get what you pay for. Often when it comes to banner stands – retractable or otherwise – cheap cost often means cheap build.  That $69 online deal versus a $399 banner stand from your favorite local display dealer, usually means the difference between something that’s considered disposable or fragile, to something durable that can be serviced with available parts and reused long into the future.

    All graphics are not created equal.  How clear is the printing?  Are the colors bright or dull? Is the material durable, wrinkle-free?  All of these things factor into cost.  And equally important – how often do you plan to change your graphics?  Some banner stands are built for one or two uses before the graphic rips and their build makes replacement cumbersome and often results in full replacement after only a few uses.
    One piece construction vs, multiple parts: consider banner stands that have all the parts attached to the base.  Banner stands with loose poles and small parts that can easily get lost can quickly take up permanent space in your storage closet when those parts cannot be replaced.

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  • ExhibitorLIVE 2019 Review

    March 11, 2019


    Lightboxes, Tension Fabric & Interactive Displays

    Dimension Display’s Rick Kemp & Len Greisman recently attended the ExhibitorLive trade show in Las Vegas. This is where we network with suppliers and find exciting new products for our showroom.

    This year, the show-stoppers included bold tension fabric displays, brilliant lightboxes, and a plethora of multimedia integrations.  Video & touchscreens are presenting many creative ways to project your brand, while building attention-grabbing exhibits. Also in the spotlight, is a growing need for lightweight products that have extremely fast, easy set ups.

    Below is a slideshow of a few of the most exciting exhibits from the ExhibitorLIVE event. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletter over the coming weeks, as we introduce innovative new additions to the Dimension Display line-up!

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