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Feature Product: DX3 Fabric Bannerstand

December 13, 2018

Meet the DX3
Fabric Bannerstand…

Expedite your bannerstand setup time while adding lavish appeal with our affordable new DX Fabric Bannerstands.

Hardware comes stock at 7.5 ft tall with height options of 5.5 ft, 8.5 ft, and 9.5 ft. Customize a single-sided (choose white or black back fabric) or double-sided dye-sublimated stretch fabric print. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 foot widths.

Super easy to assemble with more punch and size than a traditional bannerstand with the portability of a retractable!

Contact Dimension Display for more info:
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Tradeshow Tip: The Checklist

There are many things to consider beyond booking your booth space.

Ordering all the required amenities is the first step, be it WiFi, carpeting, furniture or accessories. Most importantly, you’ll need to arrange the shipping for all these items!  If at all possible you should do a dry-run with your booth before sending it away.  Setting it up and running through everything you plan on using at the show allows you to check off the necessities. By doing this, you can nip small disasters in the bud— like  realizing once you’re already on the show floor that you needed power for your laptop!

The nature of show organizing involves many different people with many different schedules and timelines. All show organizers will have order forms for booking all sorts of service months in advance of the actual show dates. Everyone is in the same boat as you:  they all need to be there and ready when the show begins.  Providing as much information as possible in advance, and planning your shipping well in advance, will help ensure that things do not get to the crisis management stage.

You can create a checklist to ensure that you know what the booth needs whenever it goes out.  Extension Cords?… Support materials?… Seating for the person on the floor managing your booth?… Packing tape? Don’t forget about the end of the show!  Inevitably at the show’s close, there are people frantically searching around for packing tape, shipping labels and other things because they weren’t prepared.  Having all these items ready for your your booth will save you the headache and help ensure the frustration level is kept to a minimum.

A quick run through of your trade-show booth helps save your sanity, ensuring a smooth, successful show.

Dimension Display offers full Exhibit Management services and we have decades of trade show experience. Store, ship, plan, repair, receive – we can make your headaches go away! We’d love to consult with you about your next show!

Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.

Brighten Up Your Summer!

August 13, 2018

A new Backlit alternative has arrived in our Dimension Display showroom – WaveLight®  – an affordable LED Backlit Tension Fabric system that is a snap to set up and take down.  Made of lightweight tubular aluminum construction, it fits neatly into an easy-to-carry shoulder bag.

This is great alternative to a banner stand as it provides a bigger, brighter visual impact than your neighbour’s banner stand, using sharp, clean tension fabric graphics that give maximum WOW!! Read More

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Touchscreens and the Interactive Experience

August 8, 2018

Touchscreens are an integral part of our daily lives. Our phones and tablets provide a level of accessibility and interactivity that can easily be added to your exhibit to enhance your sales pitch and info sharing.

Monitors can be set-up to display almost anything like your website, a PowerPoint or custom-designed content that can project to a wide audience for a large-scale attention grabbing visual.

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DX Fabric Displays

August 1, 2018


Expedite your setup time while adding lavish appeal with our newest DX Fabric Displays.

Available in heights from 5.5 ft up to 9.5ft!  Available in widths of 3, 4 and 5 feet.  Stretch “pillow case” fabric graphics can be single-sided with white or black back or double-sided. The 3 and 4 foot wide x 7.5 versions pack compactly in 36″ x 48″ carry cases, just like retractable bannerstands!

• Lightweight Aluminum Snap Frame

• Slip-On Stretch Fabric Graphic.

Retractable Banner Stands




The Barracuda is an economical choice for a versatile and attractive banner stand. Features adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, and anti-slip strips to prevent sliding on smooth floors.  Non-replaceable graphics.

Image Sizes: 31.5” w  X  84” h

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NEW PRODUCT: “Backlit” is Taking Over Trade Shows, Here’s Why.

July 23, 2018

Featherlite Radiant Portable Backlit Display

Radiant Portable Backlit Display

Radiant Portable Backlit Display

At a trade show, in a sea of competitors, backlit wins the eye, the attention and the impression of the passing trade show visitor. We have a backlit display that we absolutely love!

Featherlite’s Radiant portable backlit system will simply dominate, outshine and out-impress any traditional exhibits unlucky enough to be on either side of you.

Radiant’s Soft-Source Lighting™ is the soft punch that knocks you out.

  • Radiant’s internal LED backlighting makes your panels glow.
  • When a panel is the light source, the eye automatically goes to it.
  • Backlighting makes your impression panels more striking.
  • Backlighting encourages instant engagement at an emotional level.
  • They give you an edge. Show-stoppers become startle points .
  • Backlit elements help you integrate text with more engagement.
  • Externally lit or unlit panels do not engage in the same way.

Radiant’s Dynamic Canvas System™ give you options.

  • Multiple planes are key to leading the eye across each element.
  • Component separation lets you balance impression and information.
  • 3D elements help soften text-heavy content.
  • Choreograph more interesting and engaging journeys for your audience.

Radiant’s Framing elements turn your exhibit into a gallery.

  • Everything looks like a set piece within your setting.
  • Your days of looking like art on a fridge are over.

Radiant is a complete solution: it has just about every feature you might need or want to be the best in your industry at the show.

Click on the video below and see more of why Radiant Portable Backlit Displays made it onto our Best Of Trade Show list for 2018. Call us at 204-943-7551 or email to come by our showroom and learn more about the future of trade show exhibits!

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Forward Thinking

July 15, 2018

You’re three ticks into your “To Do List” of 20+ items and the last thing on your mind is probably the upcoming trade show season. But don’t worry – that’s what we love to think about.

Getting a head start on planning and preparations will make the transition from your hectic day-to-day to trade show season hustle & bustle much easier!! And that is how Dimension Display has been lightening our clients’ workload for over 30 years!

Decades of experience has taught us that a big part of being prepared is making sure your display is in good working order, first and foremost.

One of the easiest stress relievers is to set-up your display well in advance of the coming season and to check for any damage or missing pieces.  If anything is awry we can take care of display maintenance and repair including part replacement so that your hardware is in good shape for the next step!

Making sure your graphics and materials are up-to-date in both style and messaging is always an important consideration.

Will your graphics from last year still be appropriate for this year’s agenda?  If they do need an update, whether it is new graphics for your trusty pop-up or a step-up to the clean, contemporary look of LED tension fabric, getting your new designs worked out before the season starts will save you from last-minute headaches.

Working out concept & layouts in advance will help make sure you can have the best design and the most polished presence when you finally send out your booth to the first big show of the year.

We can assist you will all the design and planning for the coming season, from brochure design and printing for a special event to an eye-popping 20′ LED backlit display that will serve as an anchor for your trade show needs for years to come.

Call us at 204-943-7551 and come on down to our showroom and come see all the great options we have for the fall season

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Medallion 105A

July 12, 2018

Medallion is a high-quality lightweight, convenient, portable display system with multiple design possibilities. It is the most versatile product Dimension Display carries. Its compact aluminum tube frame structure assembles quickly without requiring the use of tools. Uniquely attractive, washable, seamless tension fabric pillowcase graphics slip effortlessly over the frame. A variety of unique, affordable, pre-packaged kits with a host of accessories are available for creating a style that is functional, fast and compelling.

Dexter Tension Fabric Wall

July 10, 2018

Sleek and “EZ”, our Dexter tension fabric systems are a great alternative to standard backwall displays. Quickly assembled in just 5 minutes, slide the tubes together to make the frame and lock in place with a push button snap.  Then, simply pull the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip it shut. The zipper, hidden from view, tightens the stretch fabric beautifully displaying your image.  Disassembled, this lightweight frame fits inside its included bag.