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Innovative iPad Stands!

July 3, 2019

Flexible + Feature-Rich…

You’ve never seen iPad stands like these before.

Enhance your brand with an interactive tablet kiosk stand from Dimension Display featuring a fully-enclosed secure tablet housing, integrated cable routing, WiFi signal transparency, and landscape or portrait mode setup flexibility.

iPad and tablet stands allow users to secure their electronic devices and keep them off of floors or cluttered desktops. Flexible necks allow you to easily watch videos or read printed text on tablet screens, and iPad owners can use the devices to video chat with others while keeping their hands free.

We also carry locking wall mounts for secure customer browsing in stores or enclosures for countertop use that lock for use as cash registers and checkout counters.

Dimension Display’s innovative tablet stands are great for in-store marketing, tradeshows, the office, lobby, mall kiosks, conferences or point of sale use in retail stores. Integrate with your newsletter program to collect new subscribers at shows.

Dimension Display has stands & accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd! Contact us today for more info: Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.

WaveLine® Waterfall Display Shelving

June 24, 2019


The WaveLine Waterfall is a customizable, add-on shelving solution for your tradeshow or retail environment! You can choose a ready-made kit, or create your own custom design to fit your needs.

This display unit features 3 shelves that can support up to 9lbs each. The shelves can be placed at different heights and clamp-on the inside or outside of the frame.

Use the WaveLine® Waterfall stand alone frame without graphics or with zip-on fabric graphics to create a beautiful, branded look.

So many combinations & configurations for your pop-up store display!

Check out the WaveLine® Waterfall at our showroom at 44 Princess St. 

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The NEW D3 Elo Touch – Kiosk Sales Tool

June 13, 2019

Bring a new layer of interactivity
to your sales experience.

If you’ve ordered a burger recently at a McDonalds in-store kiosk, you’ve used an EloTouch screen. Now, Dimension Display can help you harness that power for an immersive customer experience at your next trade show!

Whether large or small, the Elo can provide you with the ultimate tool for outreach to your clients allowing visitors to access your online store, catalogues, sales sheets, presentations or other specialized content designed specifically for you.

With the secure platform of EloView, you can deploy your content remotely and do so on multiple units.  We can design your content with you, and then easily sync and update remotely, or have us create a local app that will be ready to go at any moment, with or without wifi.

With signage and retail taking full advantage of the Elo touch experience, EloTouch has established itself as ideal for providing your clients, new and old, the means to explore your products with the ease and familiarity that comes from today’s touchscreen. Available in Standard and Wide-screen models, with sizes from the compact and personal 10” small-format interactive signage to eye-popping 70-inch large-scale interactive digital signage… Elo allows your clients to feel confident in exploring what you have to offer!

The Elo I-Series 2.0 offers versatility across environments. From retail and entertainment to corporate offices and signage, the I-Series is an excellent choice to meet the demands of continuous public use and can readily jump from your trade show space to your office space, maximizing its versatility.

Add a standard 22″ Elo state-of-the-art touch screen to our D3 free standing branded pedestal (pictured right) and you have a slick sales kiosk that is small enough to accompany any display – bringing targeted content to the show.

Call us for more info on EloTouch products and interactive kiosks! Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.

Media Walls: A beautiful backdrop for your next event.

June 4, 2019

Media Walls for All…

Quick setup and straightforward messaging needed?

Consider a media wall! Great for that big public presence…

Available in pop-up fabric and tension fabric varieties to suit your needs, from casual and fun photo backdrops to slick,professional brand representation at your next event..

Dimension Display can make you stand out in style at your next media event! Contact us today for more info: Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.

MISSING: Your Trade Show Display!

One of the simplest ways to add an extra level of peace of mind to your trade show shipment, big or small, is to label it!

While it might seem like stating the obvious, many people rely solely on the bill of lading or other shipping documents provided by the courier for identifying their materials. This is asking for trouble! A bill of lading can easily get torn off, removed or otherwise obscured to the point where a package may even reach its destination, but there isn’t enough information left to accurately identify who it belongs to. The material handling folks on the trade show floor need this crucial info, lest your booth wind up in warehouse purgatory.

Create a label with the show name, full address, your company name and booth number, and ESPECIALLY contact name and number! Put at least two labels on each item you are shipping.

Most bigger shows will have a pre-made label you just need to fill in that can be printed out and attached to your materials. This way, even if it gets lost, there will be a contact number to call and ID beyond describing the colour of the case. The info on the labels also helps to guide your case from the dock to your booth. (Remember: the shipper almost never delivers your display to its final booth location, so the good folks driving the forklift need that info!)

Help avoid the cold sweats while on hold with your carrier:  label your trade show cases, fully and accurately.

Dimension Display offers full Exhibit Management services and we have decades of trade show experience. Store, ship, repair, receive – we can make your headaches go away! We’d love to consult with you about your next show!

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New! Inflatable Air Bench from Makitso

May 29, 2019


Tired of having your seating leaving you flat?

The new Inflatable Air Bench from Makitso will buoy your expectations of what seating can be! Indoor/Outoor modular seating with vibrant, full coverage, dye-sub printing gives you an eye-catching greeting from comfortable seating.

Fitting into a convenient carry bag that you actually CAN carry, the Makitso Air bench inflates in under a minute and provides that fun element to any area for casual seating. They can also be connected together in multiple configurations and with table and flag accessories.

Ditch the chair and get some air!

Check out the video below to watch the Makitso Airbench in action, or stop by our showroom at 44 Princess St.

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The Importance of Trade Shows

May 23, 2019

By Dafne Orbach

We live in a digital era so why do we still need to spend money, time, travel to remote locations, and stay away from home when we can use phone, webinars and other tools to connect?

The reality is that as time goes by trade shows have remained a strong, current marketing tool for companies.

When well-planned, industry trade shows are a fabulous marketing tool that:

  • generate high qualified, targeted leads,
  • allow companies to meet suppliers and clients (old and new), as well as understand trends,
  • create awareness about products and services,
    position your company as an expert, and
    help you close more deals.

Is your company experiencing ROI (return on the investment) when it comes to your trade shows strategy? Are you considering ideas to optimize your investment?

Contact Dimension Display today if your business is ready to create a new trade show strategy, or refine your current one. We have decades of trade show and display experience!

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Dafne Orbach is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with 20+ years of experience developing new markets for niche solutions.

Dafne has a particular appreciation for trade shows when it comes to connecting with highly targeted audiences. Earlier in her career Dafne worked at Dimension Display as our Marketing Coordinator. She stayed in touch with us over the years & today she’s celebrating this opportunity to partner with Dimension Display, presenting clients with an integrated, strategic service.

To learn more about Dafne visit her business website and subscribe to her periodic e-newsletter. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your Canopy Needs are Covered!

May 14, 2019

Best in Class

E-Z Up Tents are considered the crème de la crème of the tent world by small and large businesses alike! Take your outdoor summer expo circuit to a new level of visibility and comfort with the best portable shelters on the market. 
Heavy-duty framework and professional grade materials are sure to give you years of trouble-free use. E-Z Up Tents come in sizes ranging from the kiosk sized 5×5′ to 20×20′ large scale canopies.

Call us for more info on our great selection of Tents! Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.


Our regular prices are the real deal.


Rather than doing our usual spring sale on bannerstands, we’re doing something a little more dramatic. We’ve dropped the prices permanently on some of our most popular banner stands– including our most popular Signline XP model, and the new, lightweight Bannerstick.

“This is not a Sale,” to paraphrase artist R. Magritte, who famously stated, “This is not a pipe.” .

Additionally, we’ve introduced some exciting new models from great tension fabric bannerstands to the ultimate in brightening up your message – the LED Back-lit bannerstand!

We invite you to stop by our showroom at 44 Princess St. to peruse the wide variety of bannerstands that Dimension Display offers.
Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.


Keepin’ it Clean with tension fabric

Out, damn’d spot!  Out, I say…
Tension fabric displays are much loved for their vibrant printing, easy setup and light weights. But what you may not know about tension fabric is that it’s also extremely easy to clean and tough to tear!  From banner stands to full-size backdrops, keeping your display clean will be a breeze.
Unlike traditional vinyl or or laminate graphics which can suffer from dings, dents and kinks, tension fabric can be squashed and folded and still stretch out flat as a pancake when it comes time to set up.  Plus, unlike cleaning vinyl or laminate (which ranges from impossible with unlaminated vinyl, to challenging with laminate), tension fabrics can be spot cleaned with  laundry sticks and even tossed in the washing machine for the more serious trade show food table accidents.  
Keeping a spot cleaning laundry stick handy will enable you to tidy up unexpected stains on your tension fabric display as easily as your best dress or suit.  …Ah, if only Lady MacBeth had tension fabric! 

Dimension Display has decades of trade show and display experience. We’d love to consult with you about your next show!

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