MISSING: Your Trade Show Display!

One of the simplest ways to add an extra level of peace of mind to your trade show shipment, big or small, is to label it!

While it might seem like stating the obvious, many people rely solely on the bill of lading or other shipping documents provided by the courier for identifying their materials. This is asking for trouble! A bill of lading can easily get torn off, removed or otherwise obscured to the point where a package may even reach its destination, but there isn’t enough information left to accurately identify who it belongs to. The material handling folks on the trade show floor need this crucial info, lest your booth wind up in warehouse purgatory.

Create a label with the show name, full address, your company name and booth number, and ESPECIALLY contact name and number! Put at least two labels on each item you are shipping.

Most bigger shows will have a pre-made label you just need to fill in that can be printed out and attached to your materials. This way, even if it gets lost, there will be a contact number to call and ID beyond describing the colour of the case. The info on the labels also helps to guide your case from the dock to your booth. (Remember: the shipper almost never delivers your display to its final booth location, so the good folks driving the forklift need that info!)

Help avoid the cold sweats while on hold with your carrier:  label your trade show cases, fully and accurately.

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