Tradeshow Tip: Paperwork

February 19, 2019


If you aren’t using a professional installer to take care of your booth set-up, it’s extremely important to ensure that the necessary paperwork and labeling is attached to your booth. This way, all the other people in the logistics chain will have the appropriate information to do their part in the delivery process.  
When the booth arrives to its show destination, if at all possible make sure that the paperwork for its next destination is included in the booth.  While it’s not always possible (or known), try to have your people on the ground aware they’ll need to receive and print the paperwork to accompany the booth.  This way it can return to its warehousing location, or on to the next show. 
Without the necessary paperwork, it becomes a huge detective job for the coordinators on the floor– who will more than likely have no idea where your booth is supposed to be going, or even who it actually belongs to since they are going to be too busy trying to coordinate all the other aspects of their tear-down.  Don’t be that one exhibitor whose booth sits alone on the emptied loading dock when the lights go out for the night, when its supposed to be in another city the next morning!
Who does it belong to? Who is supposed to be picking it up? What if your carrier is already in the loading area after waiting in line to load, and their shipment is sitting without any identification twenty feet from them but no one save for the person who has already left has any idea who it belongs to?
Remember: your booth is most important to you, but it isn’t necessarily going to be most important to others!  Make sure they see what they need to do their job.  If two skids are packed and sitting on the floor after a show and one is labeled an the other isn’t… which one do you think will get priority? 
The freight with easy-find, properly filled-out labels always gets the best attention.
Dimension Display offers full Exhibit Management services and we have decades of trade show experience. Store, ship, plan, repair, receive – we can make your headaches go away! We’d love to consult with you about your next show!

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Feature Product: The WaveLight Wall

 your brand…

The new WaveLight® Backlit Displays are one of the thinnest tension fabric light boxes to hit the exhibit market. Within just a 50mm aluminum pipe profile (two inches), the WaveLight® frames an array of perfectly positioned LED lights to achieve an ultra-bright, evenly-diffused backlit display –making everything on the graphic look more brilliant and vibrant.

The WaveLight® Backlit Display is available in 4 sizes – 3ft (36”w x 96”h), 5ft (62”w x 96”h), 7.5ft (88’w x x96”h) and 10ft (114”w x 96”h). 

The WaveLight® Backlit Graphic is a single-sided, wrinkle-resistant, dye-sublimation fabric print with total blockout fabric on back. The fabric graphic snuggly zips around the frame and lights, which provide tension for a smooth finish. 

Stop by our showroom to see how stunning these backlit WaveLight displays actually look! Contact Dimension Display for more info: Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.


Member Meetup, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

On Monday Feb 11 Dimension Display hosted a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Meet Up at 44 Princess Street in the Exchange District. Guests got to hear about Dimension Display’s past, present and future as well getting a first look at some of the newest and hottest items for the trade show floor in 2019.

Thanks to the Sean Angus & Jackie Gaudry from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce  for putting this together with us and to Assiniboine Credit Union for sponsoring the series.

Meetups are a great way for members to share experiences in our city, offering invaluable professional insights to their peers while transforming our business association into a community. Dimension Display looks forward to hosting more Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Meetups in the future.

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Tradeshow Tip: A Head Start on Shipping

January 30, 2019


Getting a Head Start on Shipping
.With all the other things you have to do in your business, trade shows can sometimes fall lower on the list of priorities, most often leading to last minute planning and rushed shipping arrangements. 

It is always best to map out the list of shows you wish to attend and start your planning from that blueprint. Knowing the timing of the shows will help you plan the journey your display will take.

If you have multiple events in a row you may be shipping from show to show. If you have lag time between shows you may want it to return to your warehouse until you are ready to send it out again.

The option of advance warehousing is one way to ensure your materials will be at the show when you need them. This process puts it in the hands of the organizer and means your booth is “at the show” far in advance of the move-in date.

Advance warehousing provides a buffer between advance show deadlines and trade show floor deadlines in case something unexpected comes up.

Most importantly, it means that the show organizers will be coordinating the movement of your booth within the system of the show so the chances of things being late, missing or mishandled is greatly reduced.

Many shows have a designated carrier that are contracted to ship to and from the show. This doesn’t preclude using your own shipper as long as you make sure you have all the details for the freight handling for the shows you are attending..

Dimension Display offers full Exhibit Management services and we have decades of trade show experience. Store, ship, repair, receive – we can make your headaches go away! We’d love to consult with you about your next show!

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