The NEW D3 Elo Touch – Kiosk Sales Tool

Bring a new layer of interactivity
to your sales experience.

If you’ve ordered a burger recently at a McDonalds in-store kiosk, you’ve used an EloTouch screen. Now, Dimension Display can help you harness that power for an immersive customer experience at your next trade show!

Whether large or small, the Elo can provide you with the ultimate tool for outreach to your clients allowing visitors to access your online store, catalogues, sales sheets, presentations or other specialized content designed specifically for you.

With the secure platform of EloView, you can deploy your content remotely and do so on multiple units.  We can design your content with you, and then easily sync and update remotely, or have us create a local app that will be ready to go at any moment, with or without wifi.

With signage and retail taking full advantage of the Elo touch experience, EloTouch has established itself as ideal for providing your clients, new and old, the means to explore your products with the ease and familiarity that comes from today’s touchscreen. Available in Standard and Wide-screen models, with sizes from the compact and personal 10” small-format interactive signage to eye-popping 70-inch large-scale interactive digital signage… Elo allows your clients to feel confident in exploring what you have to offer!

The Elo I-Series 2.0 offers versatility across environments. From retail and entertainment to corporate offices and signage, the I-Series is an excellent choice to meet the demands of continuous public use and can readily jump from your trade show space to your office space, maximizing its versatility.

Add a standard 22″ Elo state-of-the-art touch screen to our D3 free standing branded pedestal (pictured right) and you have a slick sales kiosk that is small enough to accompany any display – bringing targeted content to the show.

Call us for more info on EloTouch products and interactive kiosks! Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.