WaveLine® Tension Fabric Wall

Sleek & Easy!

*** Starting from $1,825.00 ***

Our WaveLine® tension fabric systems are a great alternative to standard backwall displays!

WaveLine® tension fabric walls quickly assemble in just 5 minutes. Lightweight aluminum poles with bungee cord snap together to create the base framework, then slide on the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip closed at the bottom. The zipper, hidden from view, tightens the stretch fabric beautifully displaying your image.

Disassembled, this lightweight frame fits inside its included bag.

Watch how quickly these beautiful tension fabric displays can be set up…

Check out all of the different uses for your WaveLine display system!

Dimension Display can provide you with a WaveLine® tension fabric wall that shows off your brand to the max! Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.