Know Where you Stand with your Budget Display Stand!

We recently had a client bring in a fabric pop-up they’d purchased through an online retailer.  Their hardware had a broken part that needed repair… Unfortunately, the parts for their unit were not available!  So, they also brought in some similar units they owned, in the hopes that some parts could be used to restore their new (but broken) display back to working order.
As luck would have it, ANOTHER client had donated their old fabric pop-up to us after we upgraded their display.  However, despite all of the used, seemingly identical units available, no parts would work because they were each slightly different specs and slightly different builds, despite all being fabric pop-ups in the same display category.  
Spending your critical funds on budget displays can put the buyer into a tricky position!  These units are often designed and built in single production runs, and are rarely constructed the same way twice. When a slightly cheaper design is created, that changes the diameter of a part or the size of a screw, all while keeping the display within the same basic description. However, you’re left rolling the dice, two years down the road when you need a repair.  If something breaks, you may very easily wind up with albatross (or three).
Sourcing your display from a reputable display company means that they’ll more easily be able to source parts and repair your investment.  If you do choose to go with a more inexpensive, limited-use display, you might be surprised two days before the show that your display cannot be fixed! 
The service that comes with sourcing your display through a knowledgable and connected display provider like Dimension Display will save you money and headache long, after the shine of the cheap “display deal” wears off.

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