Client Spotlight:
The Never Alone Foundation

As with most cancers, when it comes to oral cancer, an early diagnosis is critical for a positive outcome.

The Never Alone Foundation runs an annual oral cancer screening event every April in partnership with the Manitoba Dental Association. It’s the only free screening held in a public space in Canada.

“Dimension Display provided the expertise and quality product that gave our event’s marketing an elevated appearance, inline with the standard of the Manitoba Dental Association,” stated Michael Schiefer, Executive Director of the Never Alone Foundation.  “As a small ‘grass roots’ organization, it was extremely important that our display resonated both with the medical professionals and the general public. The ease by which our volunteers could assemble and disassemble the display was also crucial. The team at Dimension Display quickly identified the appropriate system for us, and were able to provide important feedback on the creative.”

Schiefer explained that by marketing their yearly screening event to the media and being ‘on location’ in a local mall, people who do not regularly see a dentist or physician may be encouraged to stop by for a screening, which is performed in a private booth by a Manitoba Dentist. The display is an integral part of Never Alone Foundation’s messaging and is further reinforced by volunteers who actively engage shoppers. People who aren’t screened are still giving information, which raises the awareness of causes and symptoms of oral cancer.

“10% of the people screened each year at our screening event are encouraged to do a follow-up appointment / biopsy, and at least two people have been diagnosed with cancer,” Schiefer noted. “Another positive aspect of the screening event is that many people come to the screening with a concern and find out that it is not cancer.”

The Medallion display system, designed
for The Never Alone Foundation.

The eye-catching Oral Cancer Awareness display has also been brought to local high schools, as part of the general oral cancer awareness campaign.

The Never Alone Foundation is an independently funded charity counting solely on the generosity of individuals and community partners to continue our mission to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. When diagnosed with cancer, many patients and their caregiver(s) find themselves unable to work and financial stress becomes another factor they need to address in order to continue their battle with cancer. The Foundation provide grants, peer support and helps individuals find solutions to the challenges they face.

People may support the Foundation by making a tax-deductible contribution, or by supporting one of their many annual fundraisers.

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