Spotlight: The Gimli Glider Exhibit

In Feb 2017, Dimension Display helped bring the amazing aviation tale of the Gimli Glider to life for the Gimli Glider Museum.  Barb Gluck, museum president, noted: “We brought our vision to Dimension Display in 2017 to interpret and portray our concepts and ideas to the design stage.”

The Gimli Glider Museum Displays consisted of 9 – 30” x 40” museum posters, mounted in black aluminum frames, each with LED lighting, 5 grey powder coated steel monitor stands with VESA mounts, and 5 grey powder coated steel artifact display stands with locking clear acrylic covers and black felt bases inside the covers for displaying the artifacts.

The resulting exhibit portrays the famous story of an Air Canada Boeing 767 that ran out of fuel more than 12,000 metres above the ground in Gimli over 30 years ago — and somehow landed on a disused airstrip without any casualties.

The Gimli Glider Museum officically opened in June 2017.  Gluck commented that the public response to the new aviation attraction in Gimli, Manitoba has been hugely rewarding. “Visitors are coming in to experience our Exhibit from all over the world and leave with high praise for the quality of the Museum,” stated Gluck.

Gluck further explained that the mock-cockpit simulator experience, theatre area with authentic aircraft seating and display of original components from the famous aircraft, along with a Ram Air Turbine, make the history of this world known event compelling, when supported by the history on the storyboards that were developed working with Dimension Display.

“Our goal was set to ‘EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN AND ENTERTAIN’,” said Gluck, “and from all appearances we’ve been successful and will continue to strive to grow the interaction and quality of the venue.”