Display Hardware that Lasts!

. . .  JURASSIC BOOTH  . . .

An inquiry came in recently from someone who had purchased a used display online. It came with no instructions but, seeing our contact info on one of our product labels, these good folks from Alberta contacted us for help.

Turns out the the display they purchased was likely around 20+ years old – in display terms, that’s like finding a set of T-Rex bones!

The display was still in great shape, they just needed help piecing it together. We contacted the supplier and this set off an investigation through their archives, stirring up some deep nostalgia for the old-style booths with some of the long-time staff! Amazingly, our supplier was able to provide a set of digitized instructions for the unit that hadn’t been produced in over 20 years… How’s that for follow-up?!

The archaeology lesson proved the old adage that good quality far outlasts the glow of cheap deal!

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