Forward Thinking

You’re three ticks into your “To Do List” of 20+ items and the last thing on your mind is probably the upcoming trade show season. But don’t worry – that’s what we love to think about.

Getting a head start on planning and preparations will make the transition from your hectic day-to-day to trade show season hustle & bustle much easier!! And that is how Dimension Display has been lightening our clients’ workload for over 30 years!

Decades of experience has taught us that a big part of being prepared is making sure your display is in good working order, first and foremost.

One of the easiest stress relievers is to set-up your display well in advance of the coming season and to check for any damage or missing pieces.  If anything is awry we can take care of display maintenance and repair including part replacement so that your hardware is in good shape for the next step!

Making sure your graphics and materials are up-to-date in both style and messaging is always an important consideration.

Will your graphics from last year still be appropriate for this year’s agenda?  If they do need an update, whether it is new graphics for your trusty pop-up or a step-up to the clean, contemporary look of LED tension fabric, getting your new designs worked out before the season starts will save you from last-minute headaches.

Working out concept & layouts in advance will help make sure you can have the best design and the most polished presence when you finally send out your booth to the first big show of the year.

We can assist you will all the design and planning for the coming season, from brochure design and printing for a special event to an eye-popping 20′ LED backlit display that will serve as an anchor for your trade show needs for years to come.

Call us at 204-943-7551 and come on down to our showroom and come see all the great options we have for the fall season