Innovative iPad Stands!

Flexible + Feature-Rich…

You’ve never seen iPad stands like these before.

Enhance your brand with an interactive tablet kiosk stand from Dimension Display featuring a fully-enclosed secure tablet housing, integrated cable routing, WiFi signal transparency, and landscape or portrait mode setup flexibility.

iPad and tablet stands allow users to secure their electronic devices and keep them off of floors or cluttered desktops. Flexible necks allow you to easily watch videos or read printed text on tablet screens, and iPad owners can use the devices to video chat with others while keeping their hands free.

We also carry locking wall mounts for secure customer browsing in stores or enclosures for countertop use that lock for use as cash registers and checkout counters.

Dimension Display’s innovative tablet stands are great for in-store marketing, tradeshows, the office, lobby, mall kiosks, conferences or point of sale use in retail stores. Integrate with your newsletter program to collect new subscribers at shows.

Dimension Display has stands & accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd! Contact us today for more info: Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.