Keepin’ it Clean with tension fabric

Out, damn’d spot!  Out, I say…
Tension fabric displays are much loved for their vibrant printing, easy setup and light weights. But what you may not know about tension fabric is that it’s also extremely easy to clean and tough to tear!  From banner stands to full-size backdrops, keeping your display clean will be a breeze.
Unlike traditional vinyl or or laminate graphics which can suffer from dings, dents and kinks, tension fabric can be squashed and folded and still stretch out flat as a pancake when it comes time to set up.  Plus, unlike cleaning vinyl or laminate (which ranges from impossible with unlaminated vinyl, to challenging with laminate), tension fabrics can be spot cleaned with  laundry sticks and even tossed in the washing machine for the more serious trade show food table accidents.  
Keeping a spot cleaning laundry stick handy will enable you to tidy up unexpected stains on your tension fabric display as easily as your best dress or suit.  …Ah, if only Lady MacBeth had tension fabric! 

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