The Importance of Trade Shows

By Dafne Orbach

We live in a digital era so why do we still need to spend money, time, travel to remote locations, and stay away from home when we can use phone, webinars and other tools to connect?

The reality is that as time goes by trade shows have remained a strong, current marketing tool for companies.

When well-planned, industry trade shows are a fabulous marketing tool that:

  • generate high qualified, targeted leads,
  • allow companies to meet suppliers and clients (old and new), as well as understand trends,
  • create awareness about products and services,
    position your company as an expert, and
    help you close more deals.

Is your company experiencing ROI (return on the investment) when it comes to your trade shows strategy? Are you considering ideas to optimize your investment?

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Dafne Orbach is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with 20+ years of experience developing new markets for niche solutions.

Dafne has a particular appreciation for trade shows when it comes to connecting with highly targeted audiences. Earlier in her career Dafne worked at Dimension Display as our Marketing Coordinator. She stayed in touch with us over the years & today she’s celebrating this opportunity to partner with Dimension Display, presenting clients with an integrated, strategic service.

To learn more about Dafne visit her business website and subscribe to her periodic e-newsletter. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.