Tradeshow Tip: The Nitty Gritty of Show Floor Shipping


Shipping directly to show floor is organized chaos, coordinated by trade professionals well-versed in handling the ins and outs of a convention center loading dock. The nature of show load-ins is not quite as simple as your local delivery driver pulling up to a home or business, walking in, and dropping off packages on their own time. At a busy show, trucking companies will  be lining up just to drop your booth off– having to check in and wait until they are cleared to empty their cargo.

The delivery window for trade show floors is very short, usually one day and sometimes only between restricted hours. This brief delivery window is because there’s not only exhibitor material coming to the show, but also everything from exhibition infrastructure like lighting, electrical, food services etc. all working to get the space ready for you. Often, set up is happening right on the heels of another show moving out… After you’re gone, another show may be immediately moving in!

If you have an exhibit that is moving from show to show on a circuit across the country, where shows may fall within days of each other, make sure that you have all of your destinations, contacts and labels ready to be included with the shipment when it goes out. This documentation is critical in making the process work as smoothly as possible.

One way to help smooth the flow of goods is to send your materials to an advance warehousing if it is available. We’ll talk more about that in our next Tradeshow Tips post.

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