WaveLight® LED Backlit Displays

Step into
he Light

Our WaveLIght® LED Backlit Displays are one of the thinnest tension fabric light boxes to hit the exhibit market. Within just a 50mm aluminum pipe profile, the WaveLight® frames an array of perfectly positioned LED lights to achieve an ultra-bright, evenly diffused backlit display –making your brand and message look more brilliant and vibrant.

Mix & Match…

The WaveLight® Display product line is an extremely versatile collection. We take pride in providing our customers with endless display solutions. WaveLine® Media products are a great option to add your own custom environment with monitors, brochure holders counters and many more creative solutions.

Intelligent design: discover how quickly and easily a WaveLIght® LED Backlit Display can be assembled…

Dimension Display can provide you with an WaveLIght® LED Backlit Displays sets your brand alight! Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.