WaveLine® Blimp – Overhead Hanging Banner System

Look Up!

Want to attract attention from across the exhibition hall?

The WaveLine® Blimp hanging banner frame system is made from a lightweight extruded aluminum frame wrapped in a vibrant dye-sublimation graphic print. “The Blimp” comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to compliment your overall booth design. When paired with quick release cables, the WaveLine® Blimp becomes a stunning billboard, visible in any direction.

The WaveLine® Blimp is available in open or closed face designs, with 9 unique shapes to choose from. Custom shapes are also available upon request. These unique, impossible-to-ignore banner systems are suspended overhead from ceilings or trusses.

Elevate your brand to a whole new level…

Dimension Display can provide you with an WaveLine® Blimp hanging banner system that puts you head & shoulders above the competition! Phone 204.943.7551 or Email Us.