Calculating Show Goals

Tradeshow Pro 20 Second Tips

You’ve heard the saying ‘the measure of success’. It’s especially true with trade shows. Yet many exhibitors simply slot in ‘show sales’ as their goal. If they knew how simple the math is and how crucial measurable goals are to knowledgeable success — they’d do more of it.

Here’s an example of basic calculations for Measurable Trade Show Goals:

  • 12,000 visitors
  • 8% are industry group (960)
  • 30 – 35% could pass thru booth (<360)
  • Goal: 300 leads
  • Goal: 150 demonstrations to qualified prospects

At Dimension Display our measurable monthly goal is to help 10 exhibitors set goals and measure their success. If you’re getting started or need help fine-tuning, please contact Rick by calling 204-943-7551 or email us at

Distilled from our own 30 years experience & The Successful Exhibitor’ by Barry Skiskind